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Control unit

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Peristaltic dosing pump Peristaltic dosing pump
Features: Design performance: 1,5 L / 1,5 bar Peristaltic dosing pump with level sensor for the chemical canister To be used to control pH +/- or Chlorine Ideal extension/optimisation of IntelliPool™ Automation System Saves energy by...
£ 338.00 *
Pentair Control box, type IntelliComm™ II Pentair Control box, type IntelliComm™ II
IntelliComm™ is a control box that allows the user to link other applications to the IntelliFlo™ Press on the remote control and the IntelliComm™ will turn the desired application on and simultaneously switch the pump to a pre-set speed....
£ 196.00 *
  • Type : IntelliComm™ II
Hayward Turbo cell Hayward Turbo cell
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From £ 425.00 *
Pentair Intellipool™ Pentair Intellipool™
Remote Monitoring and Control system designed to get the most out of your IntelliFlo variable speed pump. IntelliPool™ uses IntelliFlo® at its best, offering the correct filtration speed for every application, improving the already...
£ 3,110.00 *
  • Type : Intellipool
Probe holder Probe holder
Probe holder for IntelliPool™ probes. Probe holder including: 3 sensor nut sets (2 O-rings, 1 sealing plate and 1 sensor nut) for a robust mounting 1 large transparent scale that makes it possible to check the flow and condition of the...
£ 328.00 *
Extension unit Extension unit
The 4X Extension makes IntelliPool™ even more user-friendly. It is one step further towards full automation of your swimming pool environment and your wellness experience. Features: Extends the options of the system to connect more...
£ 740.00 *
Control unit Intellipool Control unit Intellipool
£ 1,760.00 *
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