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Water treatment

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Nipple Nipple
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  • Material : PP
  • Colour : black
Salt, type Poolsel® Salt, type Poolsel®
Poolsel® contributes to safer use of your swimming pool and increased swimming comfort. Poolsel® has been produced on the basis of natural coarse sea salt (with an exceptional high purity level and a low sulphate content) and contains no...
£ 14.80 *
Twin peristaltic dosing pump pH/Rx, type Technopool Twin peristaltic dosing pump pH/Rx, type...
For private pools with double built-in pH and Rx tool, suitable for the dosage of acid/alkaline correctors depending on the pH reading, and for dosage of chlorine or other desinfectants depending on the Rx potential reading. Features:...
£ 760.00 *
  • Voltage : 230VAC
AquaChek® TruTest AquaChek® TruTest
Tests for free chlorine/bromine, pH and total alkalinity. Get the best of both worlds — the ease and accuracy of AquaChek® test strips, plus advanced digital technology. Just dip the test strip in your pool or spa, insert the reader, and...
From £ 8.30 *
AquaChek® Yellow 4-in-1 Test Strips AquaChek® Yellow 4-in-1 Test Strips
Measures free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and cyanuric acid. Bottles of 50 strips.
£ 6.50 *
AquaChek® Red 4-in-1 Test Strips (50 strips) AquaChek® Red 4-in-1 Test Strips (50 strips)
Measures total bromine, pH, total alkalinity and total hardness.
£ 6.90 *
Pentair Intellichlor® Pentair Intellichlor®
Technology to keep water sparkling clean where ordinary table salt will be turned into chlorine. All controls and displays directly built into the cell Chlorine adjustment is as easy as pressing two buttons Automatic shut-off feature...
From £ 1,390.00 *
Pentair Intellipool™ Pentair Intellipool™
Remote Monitoring and Control system designed to get the most out of your IntelliFlo variable speed pump. IntelliPool™ uses IntelliFlo® at its best, offering the correct filtration speed for every application, improving the already...
£ 2,990.00 *
  • Type : Intellipool
MegaPool Test kit MegaPool Test kit
For chlorine and pH value. Contains 90 test strips.
£ 3.05 *
  • Suitable for : chlorine, pH
MegaPool Test strips MegaPool Test strips
For free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity
£ 3.85 *
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