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Bypass set Bypass set
2 Available Size
Bypass Kit for swimming pool heat pumps which allows you to control the flow of water to your heat pump. Winterise your heat pump without affecting the flow of water to your swimming pool and maintain your heat pump quickly and effectively
From £ 44.40 *
Installation set heat pumps Installation set heat pumps
Installation kit Hydro-Pro consists of: vibration dampers, condensate drain hose and fittings, wall mounting kit for LCD-display and extension cable (10 meters) with plugs.
£ 19.50 *
Hydro-Pro Heat pump Hydro-Pro Heat pump
3 Available Size
All season Model operates down to -5 Auto defrost Features: Energy label C High efficiency coefficient up to 6.2 “All seasons” model works until -5°C Cabinet made of ABS Full flow Easy digital temperature control with LCD display All...
From £ 1,010.00 *
Hydro-S Heat pump, type Inverter Hydro-S Heat pump, type Inverter
The Inverter heat pump offers the ability to vary the heating capacity to suit weather conditions. Using the new automated Power/Smart/Silent modes, the compressor and fan speeds can be varied to reduce noise levels & energy consumption...
From £ 845.00 *
  • Material: steel
  • Type: horizontal
  • Feature: Inverter
Gridsoap with sprayer Gridsoap with sprayer
Gridsoap is the perfect solution to clean your heat pump condenser without the need for specialist tooling and without risking damage to the fins. A clean condenser maintains optimum performance and helps prolong the lifespan of the heat...
£ 25.50 *
ECO Heat pump , type Plug & Play A3/32 ECO Heat pump , type Plug & Play A3/32
If you enjoy swimming in a warm pool there's no need to rely on sunshine alone. The Eco Plug & Play heat pump is suitable for small above ground pools up to 12m³ and is very easy to use. Features: Light and compact Temperature safety...
£ 400.00 *
  • Material: steel
  • Color: black
  • Type: Plug & Play A3/32
Hydro-Pro Heat pump, type P On/Off Hydro-Pro Heat pump, type P On/Off
5 Available Size
Hydro-Pro heat pump helps to extend the swimming season, controlling pool temperature in hot summer and helps you enjoy your pool investment for longer time during the year. Features: "All seasons" model works down to -5°C Quiet running...
From £ 840.00 *
  • Type: horizontal