International network

Wholesalers in 7 European countries

Bosta is a part of MegaGroup Trade Holding. This is the number one network of technical wholesalers, which has branches in 7 European countries. More than 400 employees are available every day, for providing an optimised service to thousands of customers.

Your advantages of doing business with the MegaGroup:

  • As a Group, we increasingly use centralised purchasing. This means that we have a larger combined purchasing power and that we can offer our customers extremely competitive prices
  • Knowledge, experience and 'best practices' are shared within the Group, leading to an improved service for our customers
  • For projects in foreign countries, Bosta itself, or one of its subsidiaries, is able to offer you perfect support
  • The MegaGroup supports Bosta in the areas of marketing & sales, finance, warehousing & logistics, product management, HRM and ICT. That means that we at Bosta UK have our hands free to concentrate on what we are best at: Giving advice to our customers, using our knowledge of the local market

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