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Serving our customers for 30 Years!

It was more than 70 years ago that the foundations of the MegaGroup, Bosta Netherlands began selling rubber and aluminum fittings for irrigation and livestock feeding equipment.

Rapid expansion during the 1980’s led to further companies being set up in the UK, Belgium and Germany.
The first successes in the UK were with the product and market mix of PVC pipe and fittings for horticultural irrigation, brass and steel valves and couplings for waste water handling, particularly in agriculture.

Reci-Prof International was aquired by the group in the 1990’s bringing its considerable expertise in milking machine and dairy parlour equipment.

MegaValves International was then founded in 1998, combining the knowledge and purchasing power from these technical wholesale companies.

With more companies joining, MegaValves became the current MegaGroup Trade Holding BV in 2005.