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Heat exchanger Hi-Flow Titan

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Hi-Flow titanium is a heat exchanger with excellent heat transfer capabilities. The unit is intended for swimming pools and other applications where there is a demand for high flow rates together with a low-pressure drop. Titanium is chosen for its high resistance of corrosion and is therefore suitable for pools and spas with aggressive water, salt water and where a salt chlorinator is used. The titanium heat exchanger is light and compact with welded jackets and pipe system for the transfer medium. Titanium heat exchangers can be installed together with boilers, heat pumps, solar panels or other heat sources.
Connection: male thread x female thread
Pressure primary system: 30 bar
Pressure secondary system: 5 bar
Model: T 75
Capacity kW/h at ∆ t=60°C: 75 kW/h
Size primary system: 1 "
Size secondary system: 1 1/2 "
Flow primary system: 45 ltr/min
Flow secondary system: 350 ltr/min
Technical drawing A mm: 754
B mm: 127
C mm: 538
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