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Hayward Robot pool cleaner, type Tigershark

Item no. 7002396
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Its efficient cleaning pattern covers the entire pool - including the floor & walls, all the way to the tile line. Easy to use: no installation, no attachments. Efficiency Smarter: adaptive seek control logic (ASCL) microprocessor optimizes the cleaning routine for each individual pool size and shape. Hardworking: it's powerful on board pump sucks up dirt and debris while roving the bottom of the pool, the walls and steps. Easier to use: no installation, no attachments. Just lower in and turn it on. Extra durability Electronic self-diagnostics and overload protection. Simple Direct Drive Design with non-corrosive bearings for high reliability. Universal For all types of bottom & walls (flat bottom, gentle slope, diamond shape, complex slope) PVC or foam brushes available depending on your pool: foam ensures good cleaning in difficult conditions: better adhesion to polyester and ceramic pool. PVC brushes have a longer lifespan. Ease of use An easy clean one-piece reinforced filter cartridge. Simply rinse and clean with a garden hose.


  • Work Cycle Tigershark: 3 hours
  • Work Cycle Tigershark QC: < 2 hours
  • Motor Unit: 24V/3.5Amps
  • Height*width*length in cm 28*41*41
  • Power cable 17m
  • Moving Parts: Acetal/stainless steel
  • Programmed Function ASCL/adaptive seek control. 
  • Optional trolley
Type: Tigershark
Accessories: PVC brushes
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