Tefen Dosing pump, type TF On/Off

Article nr: 7024298
  • Seal material:NBR

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Article Number Price / pcs Package Msq Rec. press. Size Type Seal material In Stock  
7024298 £ 1,320.00 1 pcs 1 1.0 - 8.0 2" MixRite TF 25 NBR

The unit comes with a standard hydraulic On/Off system, for manual and electric alternatives please consult with us.
The unit comes with a suction tube, mounting bracket and 4 support legs, a multilanguage manual (RUS, DE, ES, FR, ITA, EN, PT) and a seal kit containing an upper piston seal, lower piston seal, suction seal and a small quantity of grease.
The suction tube length is 2.5m long and 10mm diameter for the type 0.3 - 2.5%.
These types are the standard AG (Agriculture) models that come with NBR seals which are ot be used with fertilizer solutions and not to be used with acids.
For a complete overview and more information on the chemichal compatibility table please consult with us in order to select the right model for your application.
The total height of the unit will be aprox. 1.32meters above the ground.
Installation can be done in different ways: In-line, dual, manual by-pass, multi zone manual by-pass and controlled by-pass.
For spare parts and spare part kits please consult with us.
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