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EDC closure dates due to public holidays in the Netherlands

The EDC will be closed on Thursday 30th - Friday 31st May. Orders placed on these dates, as well as on Wednesday 29th May after 2pm, will be dispatched on Monday 3rd June.            

The EDC will also be closed on Monday 10th June. Orders placed on this date, as well as on Friday 7th June after 2pm, will be dispatched on Tuesday 11th June.                                  

Bosta UK will be open for business as normal through this period.

Need help? Contact your sales representative directly or complete the contact us form below:

UK WT and Irrigation East:

Heidi O’Dowd | Account Manager T: 01284 716581 | E: heidi.odowd@bosta.co.uk
Louise Miller | Business Development Manager T: 07713 555055 | E: louise.miller@bosta.co.uk

UK WT and Irrigation West:

Sarah Bones | Account Manager T: 01284 716590 | E: sarahjayne.bones@bosta.co.uk 
Scott Parry | Business Development Manager T: 07713 555055 | E: scott.parry@bosta.co.uk

UK WT and Irrigation North:

Shell Palmer | Account Manager T: 01284 716597 | E: shell.palmer@bosta.co.uk

UK Pools and Aquatics:

Duncan Partridge | Account Manager T: 01284 716587 | E: Duncan.partridge@bosta.co.uk
Ben Blackburn | Business Development Manager T: 07775 577240 | E: ben.blackburn@bosta.co.uk

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