Trusted quality of well-known brands

Our range contains an extensive choice of A brands including the ones mentioned below. You recognize them by the logo with the products.

Perfect alternatives

Own brand products at attractive prices

For many years as part of MegaGroup, Bosta UK has been a supplier of many brand named products. However, we also offer a wide range of products in our own outstanding brands: Mega, Hydro-S, Jason and for swimming pools, Hydro-Pro. Our own brands are a perfect alternative for well-known trade brands; They provide comparable quality, but at a really attractive price.

We are expanding our package of own brands continuously. This means that we have a good alternative in most cases - leaving the choice up to the customer.


For lower prices we offer A-brand matching quality and specification in our Mega brand.


Our economy brand Hydro-S, offers a good quality alternative for A-brand and Mega brand products at unbeatable prices.


Our Jason compression polypropylene fittings have long been established with professionals in industry and agriculture, as top quality and specification.


Under our Hydro-Pro brand, we offer specialist heat pumps for swimming pools - a range of pumps offering top quality with high efficiency and output.

Please ask our sales advisors for the additional benefits that our own brands can offer you!