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Rovatti Vertical multi-stage pump, type compact ME


The inlet is not at the same level as the outlet because of the single wall within the body of the pump which makes this pump more competitively priced when compared to double walled pumps.
The Compact ME type is the most space efficient pump (21cm x 21cm cast iron black pump base), it is ideal for installations with restricted space.
The simple construction of the Compact ME type makes it easy to disassemble the motor unit in order to change the seal and the impellers.
For installations where the inlet and outlet need to be at the same level please consult with us regarding the MEKV50T model. This can be required, for example, when the suction pipe and pressure pipe are at the same level.
Every pump is delivered with 2'' I.D. (inside diameter) counter flanges.
The Compact ME type is able to supply a wide range of pressures which allows it to be used for diverse installations of medium and high pressure in irrigation with lower capacities than the Europa types.


Material stainless steel
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