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Rovatti Centrifugal pump, type T


The tractor driven pumps type T come installed with the "E" impeller which provides the highest pressure. For different impeler types please consult with us.
For the T types, the Standard Gear Ratio (PTO) has been selected. For other Gear Ratios please consult with us. In order to choose the correct Gear Ratio with the highest effiency we recommend to have the tractor and torque information upfront.
All the T pumps come with a lattyflon stuffing-box packing which is ideal for dirty water installation. The stuffing-box packing needs to be adjusted accordingly with the Twinner System (2 parts) so it is always leaking in order to keep it lubricated and cool.
No counter flanges are delivered with the T types, for the counter flange kits please consult with us.
The T pumps can also be delivered fully assembled: frame (available in 2 sizes), suction pipe, pressure pipe, manometer, steel valve and hand pump. Please consult with us for more information.
Medium Pressure Sprinkler Systems: types T1-65A and T2-80.
Medium Pressure Frost Protection: types T3-100A and T4-125 (max 6 and 8 ha. respectively).
High Pressure Hose Rail Machines: types T2-50, T265, T3-80A, T3K80/2 and T4-110.


Material cast iron
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