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Cim-Tek fuel filter Cim-Tek fuel filter
Filter to remove water, moisture and pollution from fuel. The filter has an aluminium housing with 2 x 1" female thread and a exchangable filter element.
£ 73.60 *
  • Material: aluminium
  • Material filter element: hydrosorb
  • Filtration: 30 micron
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From £ 12.40 *
  • Material: brass
Mechanical seal Mechanical seal
For the correct size please check the original seal set of your pump and the shaft diameter. (Diam.= external diameter x bore x width)
From £ 2.40 *
Semi rotary pump Semi rotary pump
For water, petrol, diesel, oils ect.
From £ 103.00 *
  • Material: cast iron
Motor protection switch Motor protection switch
An impact-resistant housing with transparent plastic cover. All types with adjustable 3-pole thermo relay, without fast shutdown. For safety: adjust switch to the capacity of the motor as directed on the switch cover.
From £ 61.80 *
  • Voltage: 230/400VAC
  • Protection: IP 55