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Norsup Salt chlorinator, type OceanClear LS


Norsup Salt chlorinator is ideal for any private pools up to 100m3. This Low salt chlorinator is easy to install, it includes a high quality cell , pH and ORP probe plug & play kit. A smart, user friendly, LCD interface displays water temp, pH, salt level and chlorine production. Smart Power ® Technology offers stable chlorine production. The system also offer self cleaning of the cell, a Boost mode for super chlorination, Low mode to adjust chlorine production in accordance with pool cover operation. It is a great combination to use together with the NorsupOne control unit to enjoy wireless control and expanded functionality via NorsupOne App.


  • Great combination with NorsupOne control unit for wireless control and expanded  functionality via NorsupOne App
  • Salt quantity 1.5g/l , Chlorine production 20g/h
  • Glass probe for PH and ORP
  • pH regulation adjustable from 6.9 to 7.6
  • Self-cell cleaning
  • Warning & alarms on display
  • Automatic pool winterizing and pool opening
  • Diagnostic program and event history for easy maintenance
  • Optional Ground connection
  • Optional Flow switch
  • 4 year warranty for cell

* If you have separate electrical connections for your Norsup Salt Chlorinator and your pool circulation pump, we recommend that you install a flow switch (part number 7028417) to your Norsup Salt Chlorinator for added protection


Type OceanClear LS

Technical Information and Manuals

  • All Products are subject to 1 to 2 years warranty.
  • User Manual

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