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Hayward Pool control unit Control Station


The Hayward Control Station is an all-in-one pool dosing and automation system that will take your pool into the 21st century. Enjoy perfectly balanced water and maximize your energy savings from your variable speed pump. Monitor and control your filtration, lights, heating and pool features from anywhere in the world through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Controlling options and features: 

  • Pump control: works with variable- and single speed pumps
  • Filtration control: 5 filtration programs
  • Heat pump: turn on/off and control set point
  • Pool lights: turn on/off, timing schedule, change colors
  • Auxiliaries: control up to 2 extra contacts (UV, garden lights, valves)


  • Steering: Hayward Control station with LCD display, 230V
  • Measuring: Hayward Goldline pH probe, ORP probe and flow cell
  • Dosing pH: Hayward dosing pump up to 1.3 L/h
  • Dosing Cl: Hayward dosing pump up to 1.3 L/h
  • Sensors: pH, ORP, temperature and flow sensor included
  • Connection: Wi-Fi module V2 included
  • Pool cover detection option
  • Remote access: free access to Vistapool included*

 Extra options: 

  • Free-chlorine sensor for public pools
  • Optional 2nd display kit
  • Empty tank sensor
  • Optional new touchscreen


*With permission, a pool builder can have remote access to the system, to service and monitor the pool from a distance.


Voltage 230VAC

Technical Information and Manuals

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