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MegaPool Spa filter net MegaPool Spa filter net
For the quick cleaning of cartridges.
£ 10.00 *
  • Type : Vapo
  • Content : 0,5 ltr
MegaPool Spa cartridge cleaner MegaPool Spa cartridge cleaner
Concentrated cleaning solution for cleaning filter cartridges
£ 11.80 *
  • Content : 1 ltr
Jolly gel floculant Jolly gel floculant
Crystal clear water with the most popular flocculant in Europe Unique formula that removes tiny dirt particles and traces of algae from the pool Operates up to 3 weeks Reduces chlorine consumption Does not cloud the water and leaves no...
£ 9.05 *
MegaPool Spa fragrance MegaPool Spa fragrance
3 Available Size
£ 7.25 *
MegaPool Spa foam down MegaPool Spa foam down
To prevent foaming. Does not contain oil, developed for hot water applications.
£ 12.90 *
  • Type : Vapo
MegaPool Spa metal clean MegaPool Spa metal clean
Avoids metallic brown spots on PVC liners and membranes. Essential for pool liners. To be used during filling.
£ 9.50 *
MegaPool Spa defense MegaPool Spa defense
To prevent mineral and copper deposits. Used for weekly maintenance.
£ 8.15 *
MegaPool Spa clear water MegaPool Spa clear water
To neutralize dirt, soap and oil.
£ 6.85 *
MegaPool Spa polish MegaPool Spa polish
Avoids oxidation and deposits of limestone
£ 7.50 *
MegaPool Spa cover shine MegaPool Spa cover shine
Concentrated cleaner for spa coating with protective effect and shine
£ 14.90 *
MegaPool Spa tube clean MegaPool Spa tube clean
Spa system cleaner applicable for cleaning pipes
£ 3.20 *