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Filtration liquids

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Salt, type Poolsel® Salt, type Poolsel®
Poolsel® contributes to safer use of your swimming pool and increased swimming comfort. Poolsel® has been produced on the basis of natural coarse sea salt (with an exceptional high purity level and a low sulphate content) and contains no...
£ 15.40 *
Calibrator Calibrator
£ 1.70 *
MegaPool Spa filter net MegaPool Spa filter net
For the quick cleaning of cartridges.
£ 10.00 *
  • Type : Vapo
  • Content : 0,5 ltr
MegaPool Spa cartridge cleaner MegaPool Spa cartridge cleaner
Concentrated cleaning solution for cleaning filter cartridges
£ 11.80 *
  • Content : 1 ltr
Salt, type Soft-Sel® Plus Salt, type Soft-Sel® Plus
Thanks to its high purity and hardness, Soft-Sel® Plus is very suitable for membrane electrolysis devices. Additionally, the content of sulphates is low and there are no insolubles. Application: Regenerating salt for ion exchange resins...
£ 16.30 *
  • Type : Soft-Sel Plus
Jolly gel floculant Jolly gel floculant
Crystal clear water with the most popular flocculant in Europe Unique formula that removes tiny dirt particles and traces of algae from the pool Operates up to 3 weeks Reduces chlorine consumption Does not cloud the water and leaves no...
£ 9.05 *
Calibration liquid set Calibration liquid set
£ 42.10 *
  • Type : pH7/pH9/465mV
Optipool Optipool
£ 65.00 *
pH+ Pool pH+ Pool
£ 30.00 *
MegaPool Spa pH MegaPool Spa pH
2 Available Size
From £ 4.95 *
MegaPool Spa fragrance MegaPool Spa fragrance
3 Available Size
£ 7.25 *
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