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Pool Installation & Maintenance

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Filter sand Filter sand
1 pallet sealed: 40 bags.
£ 9.25 *
  • Package Quantity : 25kg
Mega Pool building brick Mega Pool building brick
Building blocks, build and shape your pool with Mega Pool building bricks! A simple and quick solution for building an insulated swimming pool with smooth and precise walls. The EPS25 pool building bricks are coated with 10mm of EPS80...
£ 22.70 *
  • Material : EPS40/EPS80
  • Colour : white
Mega End piece for pool building brick Mega End piece for pool building brick
2 Available Size
From £ 0.63 *
  • Material : EPS25
  • Colour : white
MegaPool Test strips MegaPool Test strips
For free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity
£ 4.00 *
Glass filter medium Glass filter medium
A new filter medium made of selected green recycled glass. For crystal clear water and a reduction in the use of chemicals. Sand filters require 15% less media to fill compared to sand.
£ 14.80 *
  • Package Quantity : 25kg
Salt, type Poolsel® Salt, type Poolsel®
Poolsel® contributes to safer use of your swimming pool and increased swimming comfort. Poolsel® has been produced on the basis of natural coarse sea salt (with an exceptional high purity level and a low sulphate content) and contains no...
£ 15.40 *
Mega Pool Replacement LED light Mega Pool Replacement LED light
2 Available Size
The Mega pool LED light RGB offers 7 set colours and 10 colour sequencing programmes.
From £ 140.00 *
  • Voltage : 12VAC
  • Model : Par 56
MegaPool H/D bladed net MegaPool H/D bladed net
Reinforced version with plastic profile and robust net.
£ 6.55 *
AquaChek® TruTest AquaChek® TruTest
Tests for free chlorine/bromine, pH and total alkalinity. Get the best of both worlds — the ease and accuracy of AquaChek® test strips, plus advanced digital technology. Just dip the test strip in your pool or spa, insert the reader, and...
From £ 8.65 *
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