Salt chlorinator, type AquaRite® Pro

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  • Type:AquaRite® Pro

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7016708 £ 2,140.00 1 pcs 1 pools 60m³ AquaRite® Pro AquaRite® Pro

With AquaRite® Pro and its Sense & Dispense module, salt treatment has never been so easy. This latest generation of comprehensive salt treatment systems takes over the entire pool treatment to provide top quality water in any circumstance.
The principle: the Turbo Cell® converts the salt into chlorine which is diffused throughout the pool, guaranteeing pure and crystalline water.


  • Including peristaltic pH pump
  • Including Sense & Dispense
  • Completely automatic for peace of mind
  • Simultaneously adjusts the amounts of chlorine injected and the pH when necessary
  • 3 sizes of Turbo Cell® for all pool types

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