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Yamit Sand filter, F600 series


Equipped with “mushroom” diffusers with vertical openings of 0.35mm.
For filtration stations, stations on skid and electronic controllers (AC or DC) please consult with us.
Flushing: 60 seconds and up to 75% of the flow is needed for flushing. Flushing is activated by the electronic controller once the pressure loss (ΔP) across the filter has reached the preset value or time setting.
Filtration size: this is influenced by the flow velocity through the filter. Normal design velocity should be 65 - 70 m/hour through the tank.
Media: the gravel media for the filters should be in a layer of precisely 40 cm depth.
Applications: primary filter installed at the main control head, ideal for waters with high contamination of organic material and/or algae.


Surface treatment epoxy coating
Material carbon steel ST37.2

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