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Yamit Automatic hydraulic filter, series AF800


Available also in 100 micron screen. Please consult with us.

Equipped with an electronic control system 12V DC. For 24V AC or 6V DC please consult with us.
The filters are equipped with a coarse screen that protects the finer screen from stones and larger particles. The coarse screen can be cleaned manually periodically.
Operation: cleaning of the screen is performed automatically once the pressure loss (ΔP) across the filter has reached the preset value up to 0.5 bar.
Minimum operating workign presure during flushing: 2 bar.
Flushing: The flushing cycle takes 5 seconds. The flushing valve closes at the end of the cycle, pressure reapplied to the piston, moving the nozzles back to their rest position, and the filter is cleaned. During the whole process water supply is uninterrupted.
Applications: primary filter installed at the main control head.


Pressure 10 bar
Surface treatment epoxy coating
Material carbon steel ST37.2

Technical Information and Manuals

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