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Rain Bird LNK WiFi module


The Rain Bird LNK Wi-fi module should be used with Wi-Fi ready controllers like the ESP-RZX indoor or outdoor versions or the ESP-ME. This is ideal for users that wishes to manage their residential garden irrigation off-site, receiving real time alerts and make use of water management tools for efficient irrigation.

The Rain Bird LNK Wi-fi module is compatible with Wi-fi ready controllers such as the ESP-RZX indoor and outdoor and the ESP-ME. The LNK Wi-fi module can covert together with a conversion kit old models as well as Wi-Fi ready ones so you can make use of the Rain BIrd app to control your irrigation off-site. The app also retrieves information from local weather stations in order to provide weather information and forecasts for adequate irrigation planning and more importantly saving water and time.

Rain Bird products are highly regarded for their professional quality.

Technical Information and Manuals

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