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Flange sealants

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Rubber wintering plugs Rubber wintering plugs
Screw the rubber cap into the injector hole and vacuum cleaner connection after the PVC pipes have been emptied.
From £ 1.10 *
Expansion joint Expansion joint
The Expansion joint is a compensator or expansion joint with NBR expansion part. The fitting has a DIN flange connection. The fitting is available in a wide range of sizes. It has a maximum working pressure of 10 bar. The Expansion joint...
From £ 28.10 *
  • Material : NBR
  • Max. temp. : 100 °C
  • Flange material : steel
Gizmo wintering bottle Gizmo wintering bottle
Antifreeze pool to ensure a good winter for your skimmer. Create a compression point in the skimmer in case of frost. Used to turn in to the skimmer.
£ 1.25 *
Flange gasket Flange gasket
2 Available Size
From £ 2.50 *
  • Material : SBR
  • Colour : black
O-ring for mounting PE pipe 37x3mm O-ring for mounting PE pipe 37x3mm
£ 1.60 *
  • Material : rubber
  • Ring diameter : 10 mm
Rubber plug for collector pipes Rubber plug for collector pipes
£ 1.90 *
  • Material : rubber