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Rain Bird Sprinkler base, type RD 1804-SAM-PRS


The Rain Bird Sprinkler base, type RD 1804-SAM-PRS is the ideal pop-up for garden design and with the additional SAM & PRS features,it's perfect to be used in areas with elevation changes and in systems where constant pressure can be an issue and uniform irrigation wants to be achieved in the garden.

The 1800-RD series SAM feature has a capability of holding up to 4.2m of head or 0.3bar. The 1800-RD pop up is compatible with a range of spray heads: VAN, HE-VAN, R-VAN, U-Series, MPR and Rotary nozzles. The model available comes only in 1 riser height of 4'' (10cm). The benfit of the SAM check valve is that it prevents drainage of the pop ups in areas with increasead pressure or lower areas while the benefit of the PRS feature is that it regulates the pressure in every pop up to 2.1bar, even with pressure in the inlet of up to 6.9bar.

Rain Bird irrigation supplies ensure you maximize the effectiveness of the water you use.


Material plastic

Technical Information and Manuals

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