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Pressure Compensated

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Dripper, type MOD Dripper, type MOD
£ 3.55 *
  • Flow : 8 x 1 ltr/h
Woodpecker dripper Woodpecker dripper
2 Available Size
Button dripper with hose connection
£ 0.22 *
Netafim Dripper, type button Netafim Dripper, type button
£ 0.29 *
  • Colour : black/red
  • Flow : 2 ltr/h
Rain Bird Button dripper, type XB-PC Rain Bird Button dripper, type XB-PC
The Rain Bird Button dripper, type XB-PC allows to precisely water trees, potted plants and hedges. The color-coded dripper helps us to identify the flow rare. The dripper is enabled with self-piercing barbs making it and easy install...
£ 0.17 *
  • Material : plastic
Rain Bird Button module, type PC Rain Bird Button module, type PC
The Rain Bird button module, type PC is a point-source medium-flow emitter which you use to water your shrubs, plants and trees. It has two color codes (Dark brown 45l/h and white 68l/h) which allows you to precisely regulate water flow...
£ 1.00 *
  • Material : plastic
Rain Bird PC-Bubbler Rain Bird PC-Bubbler
The Rain Bird PC-Bubbler is used to water trees, shurbs or flow beds for short times. They should be used with 1/2'' PVC risers, the 1800 series retrofit kit, Xeri-Pop spray heads or the shurb adapters The PCT series Bubblers are...
£ 1.95 *
  • Material : plastic
  • Suitable for : 1/2'' PVC risers,...