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Extended 2 Year Warranty on Mega Pumps & Filters

09 May 2018

Bosta UK is pleased to announce that the warranty period offered on all Mega pumps and filters has now been extended to 2 years*.

Thanks to the many years of reliable performance we believe that our Mega pumps and filters deserve a minimum of 2 years warranty, giving you even more confidence in selling our Mega range.

Mega SC and Mega SB Pumps: 2 year warranty

Mega S, Mega V, Mega+ MFS and Mega+ MFV Filters: 2 year warranty and 10 year tank warranty

*2 year warranty available on all Mega pumps and filters invoiced after 1st January 2018.

For more information contact your Bosta Pools sales team:

Duncan Partridge - Account Manager
01284 716587

Ben Blackburn - Business Development Manager
07771 577240